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We meet your Business Intelligence needs using a collaborative approach which creates a unique experience, equipping our clients to make strategic decisions based upon well-designed and universally understood information. More on Incisive Analytics.

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Business Intelligence: All The Answers

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the use of mathematical facts to improve business decisions.

  • These facts typically focus on company performance across time and throughout the organization
  • BI is the use of a data warehouse, not the creation of one
  • BI is the use of technology to make better decisions that improve company performance
  • A comprehensive BI program involves people, process, technology and data. Ultimately, the combination of these leads to the creation of a Culture of Analytics within an organization

Incisive Analytics helps you apply Business Intelligence to create business solutions by turning existing data into actionable decision support tools.

Business Intelligence:  The need quiz

  • We need a more advanced Business Intelligence approach.
  • We know BI, but we need a better/different tool?
  • Does your organization need better faster reporting?
  • Are you drowning in Metrics, but still do not have actionable information?
  • Can you trust the data on your organizations reports?
  • There is a lack of good planning data across the company?
  • Do we have a data problem or a staffing problem?
  • We just don’t seem to have the right people or skills to do Business Intelligence.

We solve your organization’s most compelling problems:

  • We teach clients how to think and do Business Intelligence
  • We coach organizations to think measurements for better performance
  • We help you identify where the problem is
  • We help identify appropriate things to measure
  • We write the mathematical measurement formulas
  • We design and create the measurement visualization dashboards and reports
  • We design the target measurement database
  • We design and code the data integration to populate the measurement database
  • We help you implement changes
  • We assess and correct data quality.

Business Intelligence Can Help Your Organization

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