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We meet your Business Intelligence needs using a collaborative approach which creates a unique experience, equipping our clients to make strategic decisions based upon well-designed and universally understood information. More on Incisive Analytics.

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Higher Education: We Provide Solutions Tailored to
Your Unique Needs

Understanding Higher Education’s Unique Needs Comes First
Higher Education demands that consultants know the unique education process and how to balance academic pedagogy with Higher Education-specific business and technology solutions. Incisive Analytics delivers proven value to our clients and provides “thought leadership” within a Higher Education engagment by working with our clients to design and deliver solutions that have a focus on student success, financial feasibility, and best-of-breed technologies. We deliver tools, analytics applications, functionalities and solutions that empower decision-makers and help the organization achieve its goals. Our team members have proven expertise and understanding.

We Work with Your Data, Your Existing Tools, and Our Proven Design
Incisive Analytics specializes in Business Intelligence solutions that focus on custom-designed databases using industry-standard tools and best practice design. We understand the complexity of choices in the BI marketplace and will adequately address the pros and cons of our BI recommendations. We work with a wide range of platforms and software: SunGard Banner, Peoplesoft, Datatel, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Business Objects, Cognos, SAP and Tableau.

We Partner with You to Create a Net Brain Gain

The technical expertise of our delivery is complimented by our strong knowledge transfer skills. Our team members have led designs for and implemented Higher Education Business Intelligence solutions in numerous colleges and universties. We apply the benefit of our wide-ranging experience in choosing the best path to meet the immediate needs of an initiative as well as future needs to expand from the current data source to additional data sources in pursuit of analytical and reporting needs and strategic goals.

We Apply Our Experience and Expertise for Your Benefit

Education Specific Solutions

  • Faculty and staff retirement projections
  • Academic content standards and benchmarks
  • Tracking and interpretation of student performance and assessment data
  • Strategic information for diverse stakeholders
  • Measurement and improvement of student success
  • Enrollment management dashboards
  • Financial aid leveraging models and forecast dashboards
  • Student retention and persistence reports
  • Program and economic impact analytical tools
  • Accreditation and AQIP analytical support
  • Strategic plan support and enrollment projections
  • We deliver custom star schemas specific to your institution and desired BI solution

We employ our collaborative methods and experience to better explore the proposed migration paths within the cultural and problem-solving environment of your institution.  

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Tele-Guru Sessions A lightning one-hour phone session custom-designed to assess your current BI solution or to allow you to gain insight on a new direction. Appropriate for a cross-section of business or technical personnel. Topics can be pain points in your organization or focus on imagining new solutions. Invite your senior leadership, your IT team, and members of your user population. We guarantee everyone will learn something new! 

Contact us to discuss how a Tele-Guru session at your location can start you toward a solution for your most compelling business problem.



Applying BI in Higher Education: A Business Intelligence Primer for Higher Education Institutions of Higher Education can benefit from Business Intelligence, and Chris Rouse, Chief Architect, explains the challenges and trends facing these institutions as they implement Business Intelligence solutions.

Case Studies
Now is the Time for a Business Intelligence State of Mind: Effective Business Intelligence solutions do not require new software to yield value to your organization. In this case study you will see how Miami University used existing software, coupled with a new Business Intelligence perspective and methodology, to create needed metrics and custom delivered information to decision-makers' finger tips. The result was improved performance, reduced costs and a Net Brain Gain for the organization without the need to invest in new software.  Learn how your organization can benefit from a Business Intelligence State of Mind at:

Forecasting Summer Term Class Profitability

Incisive Analytics' Chief Architect Recognized for Innovation at Campus Tech Conference

Additional Reading Why Stars Work: A Technical Discussion of Star Schema Designs:


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"The IA team worked with us to create unique measurements, taught us how to apply BI and, equally important, how to continue after they left."

Phyllis Wykoff

Miami University

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