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We meet your Business Intelligence needs using a collaborative approach which creates a unique experience, equipping our clients to make strategic decisions based upon well-designed and universally understood information. More on Incisive Analytics.

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Insurance: We Provide Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs


Understanding Your Insurance Industry Needs Comes First
Insurance companies need partners who understand what it takes to achieve profitability. Whether the opportunities lie in policy, claims, pricing or fraud detection, our successful Business Intelligence engagements help clients achieve:

  • More effective pricing of policies
  • Loss ratio analysis
  • Identification of claims anomalies
  • Development of a measured success quoting system

We Work with Your Data, Your Existing Tools and Our Proven Design
Incisive Analytics specializes in Business Intelligence solutions that focus on custom-designed databases using industry-standard tools and best practice design. We understand the complexity of choices in the BI marketplace and will adequately address the pros and cons of our BI recommendations. We work with a wide range of platforms; Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Business Objects, Cognos, SAP and Tableau.

We Partner with You to Create a Net Brain Gain
Our experience has shown that BI applications usually require the adoption of new ideas and methods at a variety of levels within the organization. In an average timeline of 12 weeks, a hybrid team forms matching client subject matter experts and Incisive Analytics’ technical experts for optimal knowledge transfer and progress. The most efficient way to manage, plan and execute the entire BI initiative is to deliver small parts of the complete solution within a short timeframe. Iterative deployment allows for a very quick ROI for our clients and minimizes project risk. Visit our Methodology section.

Getting Started

Tele-guru session  A lightning one-hour phone session custom-designed to assess your current BI solution or to allow you to gain insight on a new direction. Appropriate for a cross-section of business or technical personnel. Topics can be pain points in your organization or imagining new solutions. Invite your senior leadership, your IT team, and members of your user population. We guarantee everyone will learn something new! 

Contact us today to discuss how a Tele-Guru session at your location can start you toward a solution for your most compelling business problem.

Resource Room

Canal Insurance Case Study We worked with Canal Insurance to help them design and implement a solution that improved their revenue and decrease their costs. Learn more.

Identifying Profitable Niches with Business Intelligence Learn how Business Intelligence can help you answer four key questions that can transform sales and profits at

  • Who is my most profitable customer? 
  • What is my most profitable product?
  • What are my most profitable cross-selling opportunities in my existing accounts?
  • Who are my most growable accounts? 


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"A comprehensive
BI program involves people, process, technology and data.
Ultimately, the combination of these leads to the creation of
a Culture of Analytics within an organization." 

Christina Rouse

Chief Architect


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