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We meet your Business Intelligence needs using a collaborative approach which creates a unique experience, equipping our clients to make strategic decisions based upon well-designed and universally understood information. More on Incisive Analytics.

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Turning Ideas into Actions
We Solve the Problems that Keep our Clients Up at Night

Applied Analytics: Development and Design:  Based upon your business requirements, Incisive Analytics identifies Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and tailored Canary Metrics prototypes and begins knowledge transfer to client staff immediately. Our approach is to facilitate and guide through a rapid value-driven construction of KPIs:

  • We write the mathematical measurement formulas.
  • We design and create the measurement visualization dashboards and reports
  • We design the target measurement databases
  • We design and code the data integration to populate the measurement databases

Our hybrid team approach leverages our expertise in design and project management to help ensure the solution value is fully executed in a timely manner. Our expertise in a continuum of complimentary services - Data Governance, tool selection, programming, and others - is coupled with our engaged hybrid team approach. This means technical, procedural and policy issues needed for successful implementation are considered and addressed to ensure you get full value and Net Brain Gain from your efforts.

Implementation and Follow Up:  Solutions create value only if implemented.  Using our hybrid team approach, we act to accomplish the following:

  • We assess and correct data quality
  • We coach organizations to think measurements for better performance
  • We teach clients how to think and do Business Intelligence for the long term.

The result is repeatable and easy KPI monitoring, improved acceptance of KPIs into decision-making, and high-value KPIs that form the foundation for forward movement in any industry.

Value-Added Methodology

Project Management
Our certified expertise in project management and delivery helps keep our hybrid teams focused and moving forward. We work with you to set deadlines that meet your schedule and turnaround demands. We then work to develop timelines and coordinate our service delivery with your technical and leadership teams to ensure timely turnaround on your critical deliverables. 

Data Governance
We offer a full range of services and expertise to ensure that your organization has the clarity and consensus on the meaning and value of your data. This serves as a foundation for achieving the full value of Business Intelligence and creating a true Culture of Analytics in your organization. 

The Incisive

Net Brain Gain

Our approach allows companies with a disciplined Business Intelligence approach to achieve a clear competitive advantage
in their markets.

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