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Net Brain Gain 

As part of our commitment to knowledge transfer and your Net Brain Gain, we offer the following free information to assist you in your Business Intelligence journey.  


A Business Intelligence Primer for Higher Education:

Applying BI in Higher Education
by Janet Kuster, M.B.A., PMP, Christina Rouse, Ph.D.  Learn about creating Institutional Intelligence – "One Source of the Truth" from Disparate Data Sources;  Higher Education BI Process Challenges; Dashboards for Revenue and Expense Management.

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Identifying Profitable Niches with Business Intelligence  
Learn how Business Intelligence can help you answer four key questions that can transform sales and profits. Who is my most profitable customer? What is my most profitable product? What are my most profitable cross-selling opportunities in my existing accounts? Who are my most growable accounts? Read more…

Canary Metrics: Using Business Intelligence to Turn Red Flags

into Opportunities  
Learn how your organization can create your own "early warning system" to turn red flags into opportunities. This article explains the characteristics and value of Applied Analytics: A Strategy to Maximize Future Growth

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