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We meet your Business Intelligence needs using a collaborative approach which creates a unique experience, equipping our clients to make strategic decisions based upon well-designed and universally understood information. More on Incisive Analytics.

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Best Practice Services Yield Results You Can Trust

In today's market, it is essential that your organization’s data be accurate, available when you need it, and presented in the right form for every audience. From the introduction of Business Intelligence concepts through building a complete BI program, using only best practice design and deployment, you can feed an organization’s data habit…quickly, at an affordable cost, and with minimal risk.  

Leveraging a Proven Process and Unique Collaborative Approach

  • Our award-winning approach and methodology are tool-neutral.
  • We like to form a hybrid team, with your subject matter experts and matching technical resources for knowledge transfer.  
  • We provide full-lifecycle Business Intelligence and Data Governance solutions: needs discovery, tool selection, technical design, construction, data strategy design, data maturity assessment, data maturity measurement and analysis, and implementation that support your organization’s migration into a "Culture of Analytics."
  • We understand the complexity of choices in the BI marketplace and work with a wide range of platforms: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Cognos, Business Objects, SAP and Tableau to name a few.
  • Clients comment they know more about their business when we leave than when they engaged us.


  • The following services are delivered as a stand-alone or an integrated set of services.

    • Strategy and Roadmap: Creating vision and clarity of direction
    • Business Intelligence Design and Implementation:
      • Create BI team using hybrid project team of client and Incisive Analytics consultants
      • Technical Architecture design methodology
      • Business Requirements Gathering: Identifying needs, scope and deliverables
      • Data Modeling Methodology
      • Data movement and database creation
      • BI Data Integration Coding, Tuning, Assessments
      • BI migration methodology
      • BI Content Metadata management
      • Applied Analytics:
        • BI Solution Architecture
          • Write the mathematical measurement formulas
          • Design the target measurement databases
          • Design and create the measurement visualization dashboards and reports
          • Design and code the data integration to populate the measurement databases
        • BI User Testing Methodology
        • Presentation Layer Design/Deployment
    • Business User Training: Implementation Support and Follow-up
    • BI Knowledge Transfer: Side by side knowledge transfer
      • Project Management
      • BI Operations Management Methodology
      • Data Governance 
      • Business Intelligence Tool Evaluation Leadership
    • Data Maturity Assessments: Assess, Align, Integrate, Measure
      • Project Management
      • Evaluate data maturity of data management environments.
      • Facilitate assessment of maturity levels and readiness for data management solutions
      • Gap Analysis in current data strategy, architecture, operations, and quality with business objectives
      • Establish baseline analysis of organizational data management maturity
      • Facilitate and identify prioritized series of specific action plans to address gaps
      • Design and create target measurement mathematical formulae to monitor progress

The engagement is not complete until the data warehouse is in production and supported by client IT staff.

Tele-Guru Sessions A lightning one-hour phone session designed to assess your current BI solution or to allow you to gain insight on a new direction. Appropriate for a cross-section of business or technical personnel. Topics can be pain points in your organization or imagining new solutions. Invite your senior leadership, your IT team, and members of your user population. We guarantee everyone will learn something new! Contact us today to discuss how a Tele-Guru session at your location can start you toward a solution for your most compelling business problem.

Project Management
To ensure quick turnaround on deliverables, we apply our certified expertise in project management and solution delivery, by working with you to set deadlines and timelines to meet your schedule and turnaround demands. We then coordinate our service delivery with your technical and leadership teams to ensure timely turnaround on your critical deliverables. This “hybrid team” approach keeps the engagement focused and moving forward.

Data Governance
We offer a full range of Data Governance services and expertise to ensure that your organization has clarity and consensus on the meaning and value of your data. This serves as a foundation for achieving the full value of Business Intelligence and creating a true "Culture of Analytics" in your organization.  Learn more…

Engaged Service Creates a Net Brain Gain 

  • We coach organizations to think measurements for better performance.
  • We teach clients how to think and do Business Intelligence for the long term.
  • We write the mathematical measurement formulas.
  • We design and create the measurement visualization dashboards and reports.
  • We design the target measurement databases.
  • We design and code the data integration to populate the measurement databases.
  • We assess and correct data quality.

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The Incisive

Net Brain Gain

“Tri-C's Business Intelligence solution allowed College leaders to understand how the class drop policy impacted community college students. By making a drop policy change, the College increased student retention by nearly 500 students per semester and increased tuition revenue by $260,000 per semester.”

Jennifer Spielvogel Cuyahoga County Community College

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