Corporate leadership

Macy Rudolph Konneker

Chief Executive Officer

Macy is the high spirit "can get it done and get it done well" attitude that clients enjoy. 

Christina Rouse

Chief Architect

Clients rave about Chris' blend of business acumen, technical architect and trainer skills. She is an Ohio University Bobcat, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer and Information Systems and Applied Statistics.

Anne Scarisbrick

Chief Data Scientist
Anne has two decades of analytical data management experience. She has a Six Sigma Black Belt, teaches graduate courses in national and international universities, and holds a Ph.D. from The University of Akron. 

Jamie Reis

Chief Financial Officer
Jamie  is a financial efficiency expert and audit specialist. A former college professor who serves on several community boards, Jamie holds an A.A.B. from Washington State Community College and a B.B.A. from Ohio University. 

Melanie Sunderland

Director of Client Relations
Melanie maintain the highest standard of communication and integrity between the client and IA consultants. She is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and holds an M.A. from New York University and an M.DIV. from Virginia Theology Seminary. 

Jennifer Spielvogel

Chief Strategist

Jennifer led strategic planning processes at public and private colleges and universities for nearly twenty years.  She created strategic plans where no plans existed, and led the process to update a current or previous plan.  She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. 

Technical Leadership

Rich Miller

Senior Technical Architect

Rich focuses on data integration, error control and setting some of the smartest data mouse traps! He has a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Rodney Barrington, Jr.

Senior Technical Architect

Rod is a combination of finance wizard and super programmer, who hasn't seen a math problem he doesn't like. He has a B.A. in Mathematics from Ohio Wesleyan University, an M.S. in Resource Management from Syracuse University and an M.B.A. from Cleveland State University. 

Merwin Sterling

Senior Technical Architect

Merwin’s hands-on experience with the BI tools Oracle, Cognos, Power Analyzer, Hyperion Essbase, Brio, Crystal Reports, and Business Objects makes him essential to his team.  Merwin is the resident expert in 5+TB sized data warehouse.

Raj Kandi

Senior Technical Architect

Raj has strong leadership and work ethic in "getting to done." Just like his last name, Raj's data integration code is sweet as Kandi! He earned his B.Tech. degree in Computer Science from the University of South India.

Erik Hauser

Senior Technical Consultant

Erik is the "go to guy" for everything technology. His super skills are honed at problem solving quickly so that BI deployments go smoothly. Erik  is a graduate of The University of Akron.

Melissa Petrea

Data Scientist

Melissa loves data!  She often champions new ways of using data to address an organization's most challenging problems.  Melissa earned a B.B.A. degree from Bowing Green State University.